Central Stock for WooCommerce release 1.0.0 is here!

The first version of Central Stock for WooCommerce has just been released! Several users were waiting for this solution; to allow the management of product items across shops in a Multisite Network. We are proud to announce  that Central Stock for WooCommerce release 1.0.0 is now available in our shop.

What is it for?

The plugin allows you to synchronize the quantities of products related to each of your WooCommerce shops that belong to the same multisite network.
This way your warehouse management is simplified.

The physical level (the items you actually have in your inventory) and the logical one (the items you offer to the customer through the several shops) always refer to the same quantity value.

So you have several products in your shops but only one stock quantity to deal with.
Want to know more? Further information available here.

One SKU, one Stock!

The SKU (stock keeping unit) value identifies every product; it is a product identification code used to track the items for inventory. Thanks to this code Central Stock understands that the products in the shops are actually referring to the same physical items stored in the inventory. Hence it permits to create a centralized stock management of WooCommerce products across the shops.

Central Stock and MultilingualPress: sell all over the world

Central Stock doesn’t need MultilingualPress. But we must admit that it perfectly integrates with his big brother of the Syde family. So you can use Central Stock to take care of your stock quantity in a multilanguage shop environment created through MultilingualPress. Together they create an awesome connection.

Changelog: Initial release!

This is the initial release of Central Stock for WooCommerce. Of course our developers will continue testing and improving the plugin, while the support team will monitor the customer needs and satisfaction. We will work together to solve any eventual issue, and to enhance the power of this new born product. We are always grateful for some constructive feedback to improve the product and the satisfaction of our valued customers.